Recapped Tires

Recapped tires We’ve received several calls from many of you who saw a piece on the news about another bus company who is training their drivers to handle recapped tire explosions in a simulator. This was a failed public relations effort on their part following a fatal accident in Texas that obviously sent the wrong message. It gave the impression that this is common practice. Please understand that ANY bus running recapped tires on front wheels is ILLEGAL and DANGEROUS , but some bus companies do it anyway. You won’t know a recap from a new tire and many carriers operate with recapped tires to save money, but we know it is an accident waiting to happen. Not only do we NOT run recapped tires on our front wheels, we have NEVER run a recapped tire on any of our vehicles on any wheel! ALL of our tires are given to us as new tires by Firestone. Training one’s drivers to anticipate accidents that are brought about by faulty equipment is no way to protect passenger safety. Additionally, there is no possible way to train anyone for something so catastrophic. We don’t have to spend time training our drivers how to compensate for faulty equipment . When you travel with us you can rest assured that the rubber meeting the road is of solid construction and has never been remanufactured…
In 2014 Winn Bus Lines was one of the safest motorcoach carriers in the United States. Our safety record remains in THE TOP ONE HALF OF ONE PERCENT of all motorcoach transportation companies NATIONWIDE!
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