And Let The Professionals Do The Work

It generally happens before you know it- the moment you realize that your transportation plan is deteriorating quickly. The things that can happen are usually simple and varied. One thing that is always a constant- unless you are a trained professional, it is never a good idea to attempt to put your own plan together– no matter how simple or straightforward the plan seems to you. Let’s start with the following scenario: Your wedding is approaching and you need to get 100 guests from the hotel to the wedding site. It seems simple enough. So you charter a 55 passenger bus to move 100 guests departing the hotel at 5:00PM and making two trips to a 6:00PM wedding close by. You also want to make it easy on guests and so you also incorporate hourly shuttles from the wedding beginning at 8:00PM and running until the last departure at Midnight to get all the guests back. Two trips over and four trips back, easy! But here is what can happen… Your first set of guests is scheduled to depart at 5:00PM, but who are they? Were the guests assigned a time for departure? Probably not, so 10 guests show up to get over to the wedding site early and the bus departs on time with them. When the bus returns, there are 90 people anxious to board a 55 passenger bus and there simply isn’t enough room. It will require two more trips to get them over and the wedding must start late. At least that part is over and it’s all downhill from here. Not so fast… On the returns there are four trips built in, but guests don’t tell you what time they are leaving because they don’t know until that evening. The first three early shuttles move 5-6 people with upset children or have the handful of elderly folks who simply don’t want to stay out until midnight, but most of your crowd will stay with you until the end when your venue must be cleared. Again, you have 80 guests trying to get onto one 55 passenger bus because the doors are locking behind them. Not only will it again take two trips to get those folks back, they are left standing outside in the humidity or cold because your venue has a strict “shut down” time. These things cause you embarrassment and will no doubt also cost you more money. If you think it doesn’t happen, think again. Ultimately we do whatever the client wants us to do (as long as it is physically possible). We can only advise you, but it is good advice. It comes from decades of seeing others make the same mistakes over and over. Many people are shocked by how fast a poorly thought out transportation plan can go south until it happens right in front of them. Not all poor plans are created equal- but it’s nearly impossible to gauge the impact until the event is over. On top of realizing what a bad idea that was to put together your own plan, you have to wonder how much more this is going to cost and how many times you will have to hear others talk about it over the next several years. Something as simple as using the wrong type of vehicle could be disastrous- costing you a lot more emotional pain and money than you had anticipated. Extra buses to save your special day will not drop from the heavens. There are many companies who will gladly charter you the equipment you will need, but will they step through your day with you and identify each potential pitfall? Not likely. After all, if they do exactly as you tell them to do, then they are off the hook. The fact that transportation was a disaster will be chalked up to YOUR poor planning. The bottom line is, if you have an event that is important to you, lean on a company that will walk you through a plan. They are the professionals. The best part about trusting your plan to the professionals at WINN is that we offer free diagnostics to everyone, no matter what. What you do with that information is completely up to you. Don’t make twice the work for yourself by playing weekend logistics professional.
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