It is impossible to talk about the history of this company without talking about Chuck Brent. His face can be seen as many times as my grandfather, George Winn on the history page and that is no coincidence. Chuck WAS the face of Winn Bus Lines for more years than I can remember. He was the guy I always hoped would be the one to show up for my school field trip. He was the driver the Governor of Virginia insisted on when he traveled. He could drive anything and he would go anywhere.

Chuck was a member of the United States Army having served in World War II Veteran. He had served at the Battle of Bulge and was a WWII POW member. But his career as a motorcoach driver was one of the finest examples of customer service, reliebility and dedication I have known.

He came to Winn after earning his stripes driving for Virginia Stage Lines. After a very brief employment at James River Bus Lines, he landed at the place he would call home until he retired in 1987. There were few people that my grandfather would speak of in as high regard as Mr. Brent. He was the man my grandfather counted on every day, relied upon to take care of his best customers and the benchmark by which my grandfather measured every driver that followed him.

Chuck was the last "old timer" to leave us when he passed away on Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at his home. The Pounders and Winn familes certainly owe a debt of gratitude to Chuck and we join the Brent family in remembering him as one of the finest people we have ever had the priviledge of knowing.

On this page dedicated to Chuck, my grandfather's face appears only once at the very end... I think that would suit him just fine.

Godspeed, Chuck!

Mark & David Pounders


Beloved Captain Chuck Brent with Virginia Governor Mills E. Godwin, Jr.


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