If you don’t see your question here, just give us a call… we are ALWAYS happy to help!
How do I get to your facility?
Directions to our offices are provided on our contact page for your convenience.
Do you accept credit cards?
Absolutely. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You can pay online anytime by clicking the “PAY NOW” link at the top of this page. Remember when paying online to add the 3.5% convenience fee to your payment…thank you!
How much of a deposit is required?
The deposit is $100 per motorcoach per day. An example would be a five day trip with one motorcoach would require a $500 deposit.
Are there any hidden charges?
No, but there are a few things to remember. First, we do not automatically add a gratuity for your driver. We can pre-bill for it, but this amount is left up to the group. Second, all rates quoted are discounted for cash/check payments and payments made by anything other than cash/check are billed at regular rate which is about 3% higher.
What is an appropriate tip for the driver?
The average gratuity is about 10% for a motorcoach captain.
When is the final payment due?
Typically, final payment is due 10 days prior to your departure.
What is the cancellation policy?
All payments will be refunded less a service charge of $25. There will be a $100 cancellation fee per coach if the group cancels within thirty days of the scheduled date of departure. There will be a cancellation fee of half of the cost per coach if the group cancels within one week of the scheduled date of departure. Cancellations within 24 hours of departure will bill at 80% of the cost per coach.
How soon do I need to book?
Technically, you can reserve a bus right up until the day of travel, but the best time to book is as early as possible to ensure availability. Everything is based on availability at the time of booking.
Do I pay for parking, tolls and other fees?
We try to anticipate all tolls and parking. However, in some cases there may be parking charges that we did not anticipate and the group would be responsible for paying these.
Can I bring alcoholic beverages on board?
The short answer is yes, but there are some things to keep in mind. First you must first sign the Alcohol Waiver which outlines what can and cannot be done under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Second, we do not allow any glass containers on board for everyone’s protection. Third, there may also be a damage deposit required. If you have any questions after reading the waiver, please ask us.
Do I need to book the hotel room for the bus operator?
Yes, for overnight trips, it is customary to book the operator’s hotel room, but most hotels will comp the bus operator’s room (provide the room for free) when you book rooms for large groups. Ask for someone in group sales at the hotel to ensure the bus driver’s room is complimentary.
Is smoking allowed?
By federal law, we do not allow smoking.
Can I purchase just one or two seats for a trip?
Winn charters the entire bus. Greyhound, Amtrak and MegaBus provide single passenger tickets.
How much space is available underneath the motorcoach for storage?
There are typically three bays available for storage. You can view the dimensions of one of these bays.
I have a CDL License, can I drive the motorcoach?
No, our insurance doesn’t allow for it.
Can I get a copy of your current insurance certificate?
Yes. You can view a copy of our insurance certificate with any PDF viewer.
Can I get a copy of your W-9?
Yes. You can view our completed W-9 with any PDF viewer.
Can I get a copy of your Terms and Conditions?
Yes. A copy of our terms is viewable with any PDF reader.
Are you currently hiring for drivers?
We are always hiring good drivers. You will need to fill out our APPLICATION and provide a copy of your driving record and driver’s license. Once we receive these items, our staff will review your application, our insurance company will do a background check and we will contact you if we think you will be a valuable addition to our team.
Do you train drivers?
Yes we do. Winn offers a 5 weekend program for Class “B” Training with a “P” endorsement. This course will also certify an individual to drive vehicles such as dump trucks, large straight trucks, and a mixer truck. Tuition is $3,000 and classes start Saturday and Sunday for 5 weekends or you can have an individual schedule arranged.
With so many illegal operators, how can I be sure that Winn is legal?
his is a very good and a very important question. Not only are we the oldest bus company in Virginia, but we have listed and linked our certificates below for your convenience and peace of mind.
What celebrities have you moved?
We have compiled a list of the numerous celebrities who have used Winn Transportation.
Standard Baggage Bay Measurements

Standard baggage bay measurements