Driver fatigue No amount of training will prepare for driver fatigue despite what some companies want you to believe. Currently, the Department of Transportation’s hours of service regulations are ONLY prescriptive and complete conformance to these rules will NEVER eliminate drivier fatigue. We strictly adhere to the limitations prescribed by DOT, but we also institute our own safety measures since many other factors influence driver fatigue such as eating habits, quantity and quality of sleep, and stresses associated with the other responsibilities of a driver. The current DOT guidelines are that a driver can be “on-duty” for no more than 15 hours without having 8 hours “off-duty”. Of those 15 hours “on-duty” no more than 10 of those hours can actually be behind the wheel of the vehicle. There are very few exceptions to this rule, so if a driver exceeds either of these limitations, heor she is probably driving illegally and is approaching the limits of alertness. Our drivers are in total control of their ability to drive responsibly and we have not had a single incident of driver fatigue since our founding which is more than half a century. If one of our our drivers has concerns or feels fatigued, we trust his/her judgement and will find relief before the trip continues. This measure is taken regardles of how many hours the driver has been on duty. It is this policy that has served us so well over the decades and will continue to protect the passengers we carry.
Top safety pick 2014 In 2014 Winn Bus Lines was one of the safest motorcoach carriers in the United States. Our safety record remains in THE TOP ONE HALF OF ONE PERCENT of all motorcoach transportation companies NATIONWIDE!